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    Filters: For home, office or travel, tea filters are ideal for the proper steeping of tea. All of our Simpson & Vail tea filters have one main thing in common - they will brew your tea and herbals from the smallest sized leaf to the largest.

    Infusers: Tea infusers come in many styles and shapes and we're happy to offer the following selection. No matter what the choice, tea filters and tea infusers are a definite must for proper tea steeping.
    Strainers: Prior to the advent of tea infusers, loose tea leaves were traditionally placed in a teapot to brew and then strained when pouring into one's teacup. While this brewing technique isn't as popular today, many still enjoy the use of tea strainers.

    40 products
    Baa Baa Sheep Teaball
    Candy Cane Teaball
    Cozy Cat Teaball
    Dog Tea Infuser
    English Tea Strainer
    Frosty Mesh Teaball
    Giraffe Mesh Teaball
    Heart Mesh Teaball
    Moose Mesh Teaball
    Owl Tea Infuser
    Shark Tea Infuser
    Snap Heart Infuser
    Tea Nest Strainers
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