Tea Storage

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    Storage containers to keep your tea fresh longer!

    It's important to store your tea away from sunlight, heat, and moisture in well-sealed packages or in air-tight containers. While tea does have an approximate two year shelf life, please rotate your teas and order in smaller quantities to maintain the optimum freshness.

    14 products
    Black Round Tin, 5oz inner seal
    Blue " Special Blend" Tea Tin
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    Blue Birds Tin, 100 Gm
    Flower Meadow Tin 120g Round
    Flower Meadow Tin, 100 Gm
    Fluffy Cat Square Tin, 100 Gm
    Kitty's Everywhere Tin
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    Purple Mandala Round Tin, 120 Gm
    Purple Mandala Square Tin, 100 Gm
    Rainforest 100g round Tea Tin
    Rainforest Tea Tin 100g square
    Silver 4-6oz tin - 4" tall
    Silver 4-6oz tin - 4" tall - WS
    Songbird Square Tin, 100 Gm