Winter Words and Tea

Nov 14, 2013

I looked up Winter words on Google and there were scads of adjectives such as barren, icy, frigid, dark, desolate, depressing….  It’s a very long list.  And I want to know who on earth could write such a list?  As far as I’m concerned, cold winters comes to us whether we like it or not here in the Northeast.  In prior years I have found that complaining about the cold never actually changed the outdoor air temperature.   Shocking but true!

Since I love living in New England I decided a few years ago that the best plan of action was to embrace the changes that come and to find something in every season that I enjoy doing.  It’s not a surprise that this positive attitude adjustment has actually made me happier during the months that are chilly.  So I thought I’d offer up my own version of thoughts on the Winter season.

Igloos are a dwelling I would like to see,
to sit inside with a cup of
Love the snow so I can ski,
then head inside for
Outdoors is where it’s fun to be
to breathe in fresh oxygen then drink
Vacation in a snowy land
and  will taste so grand
Everyone’s happy to see the snow,
so put on the kettle and let the 
Sugarplum fairies I hope to meet,
to share a cup of and perhaps a treat
Night skies in Wintertime are so clear and bright,
just like a cup of 
Overjoyed and quite content
is how I feel about the scent
Walking on a snowy day, the only thing better –
a cup of “tay” 
And here are a few Winter Words that I think are much more indicative of this time of year:

Adventures                                                                        Beautiful

Clean                                                                                 Cozy

Cocoa                                                                                Crisp

Fires                                                                                  Friends

Laughter                                                                            New

Silent                                                                                 Skiing

Slumber                                                                             Softly Swirling Snowflakes

Snow                                                                                  Snow angels

Snowmen                                                                           Snowshoeing

Tea                                                                                     Wonderful

These are just the first ones that came to my mind as I watched the snowflakes go dancing by my window this morning.  I think I’ll go take my tea mug with me outside for a breath of fresh, cool air.  Lovely! I hope you all enjoy this exciting winter season!

Wishing you happiness, good health, and above all else … joy and laughter amongst the snowflakes!

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