Teas for Changing Seasons

Sep 10, 2021

How did I know Summer was ending? I went for a cup of tea this afternoon and instinctively put on the kettle; I didn’t reach in the fridge for the iced tea. This inadvertent action made be realize that Summer is fading away and Fall is right around the corner. I took a look outside in surprise and it confirmed this notion; the trees are ever so slowly fading from vibrant green, the weather has a little cold snappiness in the early morning and evenings, and my gardens have changed from lupines, peonies and monarda to sedum, black eyed susans and goldenrod. Fall is coming people, so put on the kettle for Teas for Changing Seasons – the pumpkin, the chai, the apple teas.

I went looking in my tea cupboard and discovered that there’s some reorganization I need to do. All the remaining teas I like iced will need to be consumed and my Fall and Winter favorites need to move to the forefront to be in easy reach. I need to re-stock all the teas I used up when the weather got warm all those months ago. My goodness…there’s so much to do!

Herald the changing of seasons

Some people think that clothes herald the changing of seasons: when you switch the clothes in your closets and clothes drawers, when you bring out white clothes or put them away, when you pack up your sweaters or bring them out to ward off the sudden chill. But the seasons change for me with tea. Spring comes when I start brewing teas for changing seasons like Violet, Spring Blossom or Victorian Earl Grey. Summer finds me brewing Iced tea blends, Green teas (like Moroccan Mint) and fruity flavored teas. Fall comes when I start craving smoked teas (like Morgan Blend), robust Assam teas, spicy teas (like Chai) and pumpkin everything. And Winter makes its appearance when I start brewing Gingerbread, Edgar Allan Poe’s black tea and Winter Wonderland (to name just a few).

Another harbinger of Fall is the increased time I spend in the kitchen cooking and baking. Some cozy Autumn favorites are Gingerbread MuffinsPumpkin Chai BreadApple Pie Chai SconesCozy Comfort Banana Bread all enjoyed with tasty infusions like Turmeric Chai Latte and Creamy Earl Grey London Fog.

Whatever your Fall favorite is, we’ve got you covered. Want a little flavor of coziness? Try these popular blends:
Apple Cinnamon French Toast
Cozy Comfort
Salted Caramel Pumpkin
Pumpkin Spice

Want some toasty, smoky morning teas? Try our China Black Sencha, Assam Hatidubi or Smoky Siberian.

See our Featured page for more Fall flavors.

I’m excited to be bringing out my sweaters, my long pants, my Fall teas. I hope you’re all enjoying this change of Season too!

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