Solar Drying your herbs

Well it’s the heat of Summer again, which means my garden is going crazy and my herbs are ready to pick. I’m sure I’m not alone in my love of fresh dried herbs during the winter months. I don’t know where I read this but I found a great article last year on a homesteading website about drying herbs. It worked so well I thought I should pass it along.

Pick your herbs in the morning when the flavor is at its maximum. I like to cut long stems of herbs so they hold together better when drying. Place the herbs on a mesh screen. If I’m drying a small leafed herb (like dill) I place a broiler pan or cookie sheet under the screen. Then place the pan on the dashboard of your car in the sun (with the windows closed). Test for dryness in a couple of hours. Once dried, bring inside, cut and store in air-tight containers for use all year long.

I just saw a product that launched itself to the top of my “I have to have this” Herb scissors! They look fantastic for finely cutting my dill, basil, oregano….

If you’re looking for small containers for your herbs we have a great new tin. Just remember to put these tins in a dark cupboard since they have a clear top.

I hope you’re as thrilled with this quick drying method as I am!

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