Teas from Bitaco Tea in Colombia

Mar 7, 2018

Freshly picked and blended in Colombia

In October 2017 we were pleased to have Santiago and Andres from Bitaco Tea visit us in Brookfield.  Besides putting a face to the voice on the phone, it was fantastic to hear more about their history and operations.  Bitaco Tea is an offshoot of a very well known branded teabag tea Te Hindu.  After many years, and much success, in the teabag market they decided to cultivate a new market with orthodox teas.  Knowing much about teabag production but not enough about orthodox processing and organic growing methods, they set out to hire some of the best in the tea world to consult with them on their new venture.  The results have been outstanding and every tea shipment we get from them is better than the last.  The care and attention to detail that goes into the production of these teas and blends shows in every cup you drink.

From the mountainous region of Colombia, in an area steeped in biodiversity, along the western slope of the Andes, is the Bitaco tea estate. The gentle mist from the mountains, rich soil, and ample rainfall all stimulate the growth of the tea bushes, producing a tea with unique characteristics.

Bitaco Tea owns over 200 acres of tea plants that are cultivated at over 6,000 feet above sea level in the region of Choco. This region enjoys a high rainfall and has exceptional biodiversity. The tea gardens are located next to a thriving, protected rain forest, the Bitaco Regional Forest Reserve, where there is a wide diversity of flora and fauna: 256 bird species, 28 amphibian species, 23 reptile species and 772 species of plants. The garden, located near the Equator, enjoys a consistent climate which results in a bountiful production of tasty, delicate tea-tips that are picked and processed throughout the year.

Bitaco Tea not only cultivates exceptional teas, they also are committed to their community. They created the Agricola Himalaya Foundation to develop and improve programs focusing on education, especially for local children. Activities focus on the improvement of infrastructure, recreational opportunities, local culture and access to technology. See more at: Agricola Himalaya Foundation

Click here to see a great video about Bitaco tea!

Black Teas:



This Sweet Colombian Black Tea has large, black wiry, slightly tippy leaves with a light malty aroma that brews to an amber cup with a smooth taste and delicate fruity notes.


This large, tippy leafed black tea brews to an amber cup with a slightly malty taste, low astringency and a smooth subtle sweetness.


These large, twisted leaves, when steeped, yield a cup that is sweet and mellow with a soft fruity character at the end of each sip.


Green Teas:



The green wiry leaves brew to a delicate yellow/green cup with an aromatic vegetal bouquet. The brewed tea is light and delicate yet still full bodied with a sweet slightly nutty taste.


This well-rolled, large leaf green tea is low in astringency with sweet, nutty flavors. The liquor is clear and has a bright yellow/jade color.


Blended Tea:


Cacao Kisses

This tea is a blend of Bitaco Colombian Black Tea with Cacao husk and nibs. The cacao comes from local cooperatives and small producers from the Tumaco region of Colombia, who produce a varietal of the finest and most aromatic cocoas in the world. The perfectly crafted blend  creates a unique flavor experience.  The tea imparts a mellow chocolate taste and aroma that pairs well with the black tea base. This tea blend took top prize in the flavored hot tea competition at the Global Tea Championships 2017.  Ingredients: Colombian black tea and cacao.

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