Quick and Delicious Spring Tea Party Ideas

Mar 1, 2019

Did you decide at the last minute that you’d like to host a Spring Tea Party?  No problem.  We’ve got you covered.

One of the most important things to remember when hosting an afternoon tea party is that the foods need to be fresh.  So how can you make a tea party easy and quick to prepare so you can enjoy the party with your friends?  Here are a few tips to cut down on the workload on the day of your party.

Plan ahead.   Planning your theme, design and menu ahead of time helps in many ways to make your tea event less stressful.  Once you decide on a theme, make your shopping list for any additional decorations you may need.  Then make a list of all the teas and foods you would like to serve and plan to shop for your party a few days in advance.

When considering your menu some things to keep in mind are the accompaniments.  So if you are choosing to serve scones think about what you’ll serve with them (clotted cream, jam, etc).  Likewise for the teas you are serving, make sure to add cream, honey, lemon, sugar, … to your shopping list.

Another thing to keep in mind when making up your menu is matching the teas to your foods (desserts, finger sandwiches, soups, etc).  To make this a little easier you may want to avoid very fragrant and flavored teas so they won’t overwhelm your foods.

Prep what you can ahead of time. Once you’ve shopped for all your items there are quite a few foods you can prepare or prep ahead of time such as fillings for tea sandwiches, cookie dough, some cakes, etc.

Click on the following resources for many great themes, recipes and ideas and check our recipes & our tea party pinterest boards.

We found a few blogs that have great tips and recipes for your next spring tea party.  We hope you’ll gain some inspiration and confidence when you peruse these pages.

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So what tea should you serve to your guests?  Simpson & Vail tea, of course!

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