New Year Tea Traditions

Jan 14, 2013

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  Here’s a thought for a resolution that is easily attainable and will be fun to put into action.  Resolve to take the time for tea every day.  That’s it.  Just a little time to stop every day and take a breath, take a sip, take a look around. 

You can start this tradition of making time for yourself or for making time to enjoy tea with a friend or a family member right now.  You can make the commitment that you will break long enough to stop worrying about what you need to do next. As with all changes we’d like to make, starting is the toughest part, but each time it will get easier. Soon you will find that this time of your day or week will be more important than the “to do list” you’re rushing to complete.

You may find it easier to start a teatime tradition with young children but don’t give up on the older people in your life!  They need to escape as well from their to-do lists and will thank you for this change of pace.

“Taking time for tea”, seems like a simple concept, but what does it really mean? Everyone has a different idea, but for us it means making time to relax, to listen and share our thoughts and day’s adventures with loves ones, stopping long enough to be present in this moment. Sounds simple, right? Not really. We schedule our lives so full that taking time somehow gets confused with wasting time. We all need to remember that making time for things that are important to us is never a waste of time.  Relaxing is important, comfort is important, our family and friends are most important.

This time can be simple and fun. Choose your favorite cups or mugs. Maybe buy a box of sugar cubes and have some special treats like cookies or scones, even toast and jam is nice for a late morning break. Share experiences in your life, and listen to your loves one’s experiences.  If you’re sharing teatime with your children, try to see life through their eyes and cherish these precious moments. Share stories from your past and dream with them about their future. If you’re enjoying a solo moment, perhaps journaling would be a great way to check in on your life goals and dreams.  Or put on some uplifting, happy music and enjoy your tea as the sounds flow over you. Soon enough “taking time for tea” will be a cherished practice for all of you. Take some time today and start enjoying this year with your family, not just around your family.

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