January is National Hot Tea Month

Jan 24, 2014

January is National Hot Tea Month but maybe it’s also procrastinator month too because I’m posting this so close to the end of the month!

Sometimes it just takes a little time to get through all the aftermath of the holiday season and this year was no exception.

So what is National Hot Tea Month?  It’s supposed to be a month where you broaden your horizons and try new teas and tisanes.  I’ve been working on a new line of herbal tisanes – so I guess I can honestly say I’ve been keeping in the spirit of trying new tisanes.  But let’s not forget that this can also be a time of revisiting old tea friends.  It seems my tea drinking habits (at my home) seem to tend towards seasonal favorites.  So I have been getting back to basics this month and just enjoying straight, unblended black, green and oolong teas primarily.  Not that there is anything wrong, of course, with blended or flavored teas – I love them.  I guess after the hubbub of the holidays I’ve been enjoying the simplicity of teas and making more time to just simply sit and reflect.

January is a fantastic time of the year to get renewed, to reorganize, to reflect on the upcoming year and all the possibilities that exist.  I’m working on that, while sipping my tea and watching the snowflakes dance.

How are you enjoying your tea this month?

Wishing you serene moments with a cup of your favorite S&V brew!

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