Celebrating Halloween with S&V Tea

Oct 22, 2015

In October, the leaves have turned from their summer green to the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn. The air is crisp and it’s finally apple season. Every morning seems to start with a rake’s rhythmic scraping or the deafening whir of a leaf blower. Warm summer mornings are still fresh in your memory as you bundle up to brave the suddenly brisk dawns of Fall.

By Halloween night, many trees have dropped their leaves and their gnarled limbs reach into the sky like boney fingers, ready to pluck a flying witch from her broomstick. The wind howls through the branches, twisting the trunks until they creak and groan like a ghoul. The spooky signs of the season are everywhere as people decorate their houses and yards with giant spiderwebs, hopefully fake skeletons, and gravestones. That friendly neighbor’s normally inviting front stoop is now a terrifying haunt for possessed scarecrows and disembodied skulls. Jack-o-lanterns’ carved faces shine with dancing candlelight on every porch.

Kids rush around in their costumes, excited about the prospect of candy and friends and the chance to be someone else for the evening. Their faces are painted or covered with masks. Parents follow from a distance, keeping an eye out for trouble but letting them have their fun.

Whether you’re returning from a chilly night of trick-or-treating with your children or just sitting down and watching a scary movie while you wait for trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell, Halloween is a great night to enjoy a cup of some festive brew.

Perhaps a nice mug of mulled cider or wine. Just add two teaspoons of our Mulling Spice to four cups of apple cider and simmer in a saucepan for 20 minutes. For mulled wine, do the same, but include a half cup of sugar. Both will brew to soothing beverages that feel as good going down as your kitchen will smell when they’re brewing. The spices add a warmth that can brighten spirits on even the coldest of nights.


Or, if you find yourself eyeing that bowl of candy too often, it’s easier to avoid the tempting treats if you’re sipping a piping hot mug of our delicious and naturally sugar-free Chocolate Caramel Tea. This aromatic blend delivers a rich and smooth chocolate flavor with a buttery caramel aftertaste. It won’t overpower you with cloying sweetness and can be enjoyed any time of year.


Maybe the sweet smell of pumpkin has got you craving something like our Pumpkin Spice Black Tea. This pumpkin spice flavored blend has a light taste that’s reminiscent of pumpkin custard. All the familiar spices that accompany the best pumpkin desserts are represented in a sip of this tea and a mouthful ends with pumpkin flavor.

Autumn may bring with it the cold mornings and falling leaves that no one looks forward to, but a warm cup of one of these seasonal teas can add comfort to any day.

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