Teatime with Cats is Purrfect

Jun 29, 2023

Purrfect Teatime

There is a strong culture of cat lovers that exists today. If you look up the history and mythology of cats in Wikipedia you’ll find the following:

“In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped, and the goddess Bastet often depicted in cat form, sometimes taking on the war-like aspect of a lioness. The Greek historian Herodotus reported that killing a cat was forbidden, and when a household cat died, the entire family mourned and shaved their eyebrows. … In Japan, the maneki neko cat is a symbol of good fortune. In Norse mythology, Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, is depicted as riding a chariot drawn by cats. In Jewish legend, the first cat was living in the house of the first man Adam as a pet that got rid of mice. Although no species are sacred in Islam, cats are revered by Muslims.”

We have no idea if all of these instances are valid or true; however, the idea of people walking around with no eyebrows is an interesting tidbit!

The history of tea drinking is also long and notable.  Legend places the introduction of tea drinking to the reign of Emperor Shen Nung about 2737 BC. The first history book (and handbook) of tea was written in 780 AD, called The Ch'a Ching, by Lu Yu.

While we can’t find any scientific facts regarding the association between cat owners and tea drinking, we’ve noticed that there are a great number of tea lovers that are also cat lovers.  This stereotype of tea drinking and cat loving may stem from the association of relaxation, comfort, and coziness that tea and cats evoke. Cats are often seen as calm and independent animals that enjoy lounging around and finding cozy spots in the house. Similarly, tea is often consumed as a beverage that provides a sense of relaxation and comfort, especially when enjoyed in a peaceful setting.

We’re always on the lookout for tea storage and brewing accessories that feature cats.  Here are a few of our latest finds:

Daruma Cat

Kitten Love Mugs

Peek-a-boo Cat Mugs


See more cat lover's teaware here!

We hope all your tea drinking experiences are relaxing and perhaps include a furry friend!  


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