Carbonated Teas – Creating Your Own Tea Sodas and Cocktails

Aug 22, 2019

Looking for a great drink to enjoy on these last long, hot days of Summer?  Enter Carbonated Teas or better know as Sparkling Tea Sodas.  I recently purchased a Soda Stream and,  while I thought it might be a silly gadget purchase, I love it!  I drink a lot of seltzer, and usually buy flavored seltzer, but with the Soda Stream I’m enjoying adding the unflavored seltzer to a variety of Simpson & Vail teas.

A basic tea soda recipe is 1/2 tea to 1/2 seltzer and then sweetened as necessary.  To get you started on your own tea soda journey, here are a few recipes I found online:

Non-Alcoholic Tea Beverages:

This Sparkling Iced Tea recipe from Cook Republic is a basic recipe.  Use 6 teaspoons of loose tea instead of the teabags mentioned.

Soda Stream also has some recipes that might give you inspiration to create your own tea related recipes.

Sparkling Green Tea Lemonade  Substitute 3 teaspoons of your favorite loose tea for the teabags mentioned in this recipe.

Betty Crocker’s Sparkling Raspberry Tea with tea and raspberries (left) is perfect for a hot summer day.  You can save some money though if you brew your own black tea!

Do you have lots of fresh peaches available in your local market? Then try this Sparkling Peach Iced Tea made with Rooibos and fresh peaches.  It’s delicious!

This Sparkling Green Tea recipe (right) uses loose tea and fresh squeezed oranges.  So refreshing!

CNet offers information on beverages that can be carbonated with a Soda Stream.  About tea they said “Tea is actually quite enjoyable when carbonated and doesn’t fizz nearly as much as coffee or orange juice.” Click on the link to read all their findings and for detailed information on carbonating tea.

Carbonated Tea Cocktails:

And if you want to try a tea soda as a cocktail, here are some yummy recipes:

Hard Sweet Tea Recipe from Food Republic uses a sweet tea vodka.  You can create your own tea vodka with this recipe.  As above, you can substitute loose tea for the teabags mentioned here.

From the Food Network comes Katie’s Twisted Tea made with tea, lemonade, vodka and mint.

What’s a New England Iced Tea you ask?  This Long Island Iced Tea variation (right) adds some cranberry juice for a classic New England taste.

The Spruce Eats offers 11 delicious recipes using a variety of teas and alcohol.  Enjoy a twist on the classic Martini, a gin based Royal Tea, a bourbon based Kentucky Sweet Tea and 8 other recipes!

Spiked Pomegranate Iced Tea combines pomegranate liquer with vodka and an iced tea of your choosing to create this delicious cocktail. Try with our Black Currant black tea.

Green Tea Mojitos with agave, rum and mint is so refreshing!  Add our Moroccan Mint green tea for an extra push of mint flavor.

Do you have an abundance of blueberries?  For some reason the birds and chipmunks have left my bushes alone this year and I have a plethora of these tiny, blue, delicious berries.  Like the chipmunk, I’ve been stuffing them in my mouth as fast as I can as well as making muffins and breads.  But a recent visit to a restaurant that featured a blueberry lemonade cocktail put me on the trail of creating my own version at home.  I found 3 recipes that are delightful variations of blueberry cocktails:

From the We are not Martha blog I found this Blueberry Vodka Lemonade (right) that is divine.  The blueberry simple syrup can be used in a variety of drinks so I like having it on hand.  I almost always have brewed Moroccan Mint tea in the fridge, so I carbonated it and used this instead of the water in the recipe.


Another delightful blueberry concoction comes from I love My disorganized Life. I took their Spiked Blueberry Tea (left) and modified it by using carbonated Lemon Quencher tea instead of the sweet iced tea and adding a little simple syrup to taste.


On the Killing Thyme blog I discovered a Blueberry Lemon Vodka Fizz.  This recipe (right) is perfect as is, however, there’s a lot of room to improvise with carbonated teas.  Some good tea options to try are MangoGinger PearLavender Lace or African Outback.


What I love so much about tea is there are endless ways to enjoy it.  In every season.  At any time of the day.  In a variety of recipes.  Or simply drunk out of my favorite cup.  I hope you enjoy a few of the carbonated tea beverages above.  Let me know your favorite combinations!

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