Blending our National Park Teas - Glacier & Joshua Tree

Oct 8, 2021

A glimpse into the process of blending our National Park Tea Collection.

Transforming Nature to Tea

Through conducting extensive research on the different park flora, the environment and general appearance, the National Park Collection formed. This helped make the decision as to what flavors, herbs, teas, and fruits we would put into each blend. The goal was to create a blend that mentally transport’s the consumer to the park . Next, I will dive into details on our two new additions to the National Park collection – view information on the rest of the collection here.


The two new parks began the same as the others, with countless hours of research and visiting the locations. Anyone who has been to a national park in person knows the “awe” feeling upon arrival. This feeling is what we try to capture in the blend.

In addition to capturing the feel of the location, I always pinpoint one crucial ingredient before moving forward. For Glacier it was huckleberries and for Joshua Tree, of course, it was the unique Joshua Trees the park is famous for. In the Joshua Tree blend, I added agave flavoring to a green rooibos base and included hibiscus and yucca root. This blend was simple, yet captivating – a perfect representation of Joshua Tree National Park.

In order to make the blend represent the park, huckleberries, the unofficial state fruit of Montana, had to be included in the Glacier tea formula. To make this blend unique, I wanted to add a “woodsy” aspect – for the vast forests throughout Glacier National Park. By adding a dash of birch bark, it smoothed out the tart huckleberry taste and added a smooth woodsy finish.

Glacier Tea (T1106): Find wilderness and solitude in this delectable tea blend with the aroma of fruity huckleberries. The brewed cup has a full, slightly tart huckleberry taste with a smooth woodsy finish.

Joshua Tree Tea in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Tea(T1107): This blend, inspired by the unique Joshua trees, incorporates yucca root and agave on an herbal base. The blend mirrors the park’s famous sunsets with streaks of pink in the orange cup. The taste is a delightful combination of sweet agave and tart hibiscus.

Glacier Tea in Glacier National Park

Giving Back

Our goal is to raise awareness for the parks and help people to experience or re-experience the joy the parks provide. Additionally, we want to do our part in protecting the parks and funding crucial projects by donating 10% of sales to the featured non-profit. For more information on donations please visit this link and click on each national park tea to see where the proceeds will go.

10% of sales from Joshua Tree Tea go to

10% of sales from Glacier tea go to

National Park Sampler Gift Box

“I stood and looked. Everything was peaceful and it rested me.”

-Minerva Hamilton Hoyt

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